Saturday, March 21, 2009


I painted a picture of a woman one day. Her dress was hideous, her face, well, i liked it then. so i went off the cliff and cut her head out and thought i'll attempt a collage. well, I was almost finished with this piece after working on it off and on for a week. When it was near done, i hated it. i hated her facial expression too. so i waited, almost threw it away...then this morning i made changes on her face and added a few more "things". She is ready to frame..

The top left says "i flew to the cottage and it was lovelier than.." And the center words, "I am here to live out loud". The bottom left says "Sweet, Sweet Moonlight".

The foundation is plaster substrate on felt and paint

Fabric paper, plaster, dyed cheese cloth, tiny dried flowers on her neck, fabric flower on her hair and more...I do like it now!


  1. Wanda, I'm so glad you kept going! She is lovely. I think her expression is lifelike: she looks like she's about to tell us something very important regarding the cottage. The texture is beautiful, too.

  2. Hi Wanda,
    Me again! I apply the alcohol ink by dripping it onto the page, it is foolproof! Ha. Drip one color and then another and they ooze together. So much fun!


  3. oooh, the layers and colors are so beautiful Wanda, and she is beautiful, too! so glad you didn't throw it out...but i know that feeling. ;-)


  4. I too think she beautiful. Way to go Wanda!

  5. Isn't it amazing how the pieces we are tempted to toss can often become some of our most favorite works.

  6. oh! i'm so glad you didn't throw her away. all those layers are so pretty.

  7. How beautiful she is, and yes...speaks volumes though her layers!!! Luv her!
    I want to thank you Wanda for taking the time to revisit my blog and leaving a "sooooooo very" encouraging message. I've been in the midst of a move that seems to be dragging on forever, and so at the end of the day have not had neither the time, nor the energy to be creative. :-(
    Once I'm settled....I'LL BE BACK (using my Arnold Swarzenegger accent here) full force.
    Thanks again for the motivation. Hugs, Gloria
    P.S. I'm posting a little something on my blog today with you in mind.

  8. hi wanda! really beautiful piece! glad you worked it out...and she didn't get trashed! ;) ha! hey...check out my latest WON my giveaway..!! ;) xo~Leilani

  9. What a wonderful piece. I just love how sticking with something you don't like can sometimes turn out to be a great surprise. I love all those layers of texture!