Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Self Portrait Day

There i am in the middle with my other 3 darlin' sisters. The other 4 parts were somewhere else, (the brothers).
And now get this, there's Carolyn, Cookie and'd i end up with Wanda...geeze!?


  1. what a happy this joyful, uplifting SP!!

  2. oh how I love the "feeling" of this SP...

  3. awww, this is such a sweet photo of you and your sisters, i imagine it is SO nice to have siblings?! i am learning kind of what it is like through my own two children.
    love your work of art above, too! wish i could see it in person! keep them coming! xoxoxo

  4. Very nice and happy photo. I have two brothers and no sisters. You all look so happy and close. Your mom was hungry when she named Cookie and Candy.