Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane with my little sister, carolyn to join our littler sisters in seal beach, ca...back on tues! xoxo

...and look out you regular surfer dudes...
danny, tommy, katie...THE "4" body surfers
are gonna take OVER!!!!!
a cooling shot from our garden...
to leave you with. xxxxxooooooo
another "naive" painting/collage...

might turn this into a series...

i'm loving them!

better view of their paper doll play!

new painting and collage

this shows her clothing up close

just framed her...getting others framed,

ready for a portfolio.


  1. have a fantastic time, wanda. i can't wait to hear the stories when you get back. when i read your email about body surfing yesterday, i had to chuckle. you are a daring woman, my friend. :)

    LOVE these new paintings. LOVE LOVE!!! hey, y'know..i've been calling my art style naive lately when i submit to illustration friday. i don't really know what category i fit into. ???

    i'll write ya while you're gone.

  2. gee,this looks like the dead zone on comments, i getting boring...maybe everyone was out eating lunch...maybe i don't have any perusers any more...wait...except....MMMMMMMMizz
    KKKKAAAAATTTTIIIIII. moowah xo thanks katie