Saturday, November 28, 2009

Misty Mawn's class continued...'s whats so great about a GOOD online class...
this is one of my first painting layers...and then...
from a different lesson, adding collage...and then....
being given the freedom to alter this as well...if we CHOOSE!
..and one other (of many) she showed us how to make rubber stamps...
the right hand bottom corner, i made some new
stamps, flowers, painted them, cut 'em out..etc. and FUN!
...same collage painting, computer color change..

made really cute cards! GO IN FOR A CLOSER VIEW, TWICE!


  1. Wanda! Your painting is great-I can tell you're having a great time with Misty. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, too.

  2. Hi Wanda! Love your painting!! How lucky you are to be taking a class with Misty Mawn!!!

  3. Oooh, lots of depth in this one. Makes me want to examine it close up. :)

  4. aww! yes, i figured it was the holiday thing keeping you busy and quiet. i don't do holidays, so my life doesn't get all crazy..but i do understand. i was once among the shopping masses. hahaha can't say i miss it. :)

    Steady! Steady there, girl. Don't want you all off balance for the entire month of Dec. heehee We gotta get you into your studio, with paintbrush in hand!! quickly!!! :D Put down that wrapping paper, and open a jar of paint!!

  5. You are so creative...
    Your work is magnifique!!!!
    love and light