Friday, February 26, 2010

"Ta Da" Series

..been feeling whimsical this last week...a little
more than usual...ergo...i guess this should be
called a series, in that i did 4 in a row...never did that before...
and loving all those feelings...thinking stuff like: hmmm....
what should the next little cutie be doin' or thinkin'...
how powerful this is to do whatever YOU want...
all the choices are yours...hmmm...the next series maybe....?
and a heartfelt thank you to misty and miz katie whom have
certainly influenced some of my choices and directions!! xoxox
HAPPY happy Friday ALL OF You...
you know who you are!!!!!!

i have since add one other fern on the REALLY balance the whole deal


  1. oh i love the whimsical wanda!!! these are so incredibly sweet ... who could keep from smiling with one of these adorable girls looking back at them??

    gorgeous work, wanda ...

  2. I love your series of whimsical girls! They always look so great when you group them too.

  3. Oooh, lumpy knees!! She has lumpy knees!! That is just sooo perfect. :D

    I really really LOVE this series, Wanda. Whimsical definitely fits you well.

    And, a series is fun, huh? I love doing them because well..i'm lazy, and I don't like coming up with brand new ideas every time. So, I keep using things I've already done, but I change it up slightly..or come up with a new small idea, instead of a new HUGE idea.

    It's much easier to keep moving and you really get lots of painting done that way...if you're someone like me who gets stuck on ideas for new paintings, anyway. :)

  4. Wanda,
    They're great--congrats on finishing your first series!! Yay!

  5. I also love the knees, and the happy feeling this girls radiate. I like the red coat also and always want to paint someone in a red coat.

    I just prepared 3 small papers to paint on tomorrow as I was thinking series without even seeing your new fun work.

    I think artist ideas float in the air from artist to artist at times and we don't have the slightest idea of who or why.

  6. Wanda Marie...........You amaze me!!
    These are very Ta-Da!!!!!!!!!!
    Everything about each one is unique, creative, and full of expression. I love them all.

  7. Hi Wanda:

    Thanks for ocming by my blog, you asked about the flower, it is a napkin flower, the top layer of the napkin, and then I went around it with watercolor pencil.

    I had to look at those darling Ta Da girls and their cute personalities.

  8. These are so cute! And what an idea for a series. totally one of a kind.

    I went to see the card you made on an earlier post, but it wouldn't let me. Maybe you deleted that post, but I had to say, that was so pretty. The face you painted was really lovely.

  9. Ta Da, It just resonates in me, made me smile, I was that balanced little girl for just a moment. Awesome! Great Job Wanda.


  10. more than just a bring out the best in people, you just gotta know that!!!!!