Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Family Stories

i am vacillating more than ever between lightheartedness and profoundness...i just can't stop...i get so serious then so silly...but this can all be a good thing eh?! ...variety is the spice of life and life is getting way to short for me to hesitate and not ACT upon my whims...i am appreciating all your e mails and blog comments, so's so great to get feedback on ones work, but also, it's just the best to share with such like minded human men and ladies!! xo
the words on the right side of collage are:
"listening long enough to the stories of your ancestors to hear them draw in breath and sing a song in your soul"!


  1. She is looking good. I see the background...looks like leaving a city...great words, the colors work!

    Keep working, you continually inspire me. But then you have my entire life!

    Your little sister!

  2. I love your way of thinking, wanda!

  3. I agree: Act on your whims, baby! I love this one, she is SO expressive and I see a hint of
    . . . . mischief in her eyes.

  4. I agree too,life is to short not to act on your whims. She is just adorable,love that background too.

  5. Yes, that is the look when family stories are told, maybe skeptical, maybe becaue you have heard it a thousand times, but in the telling it gives a person comfort even if said before because the things that happen to us all are remembered and should be shared. If several family members were there for the same happening they did not see things the same way.
    Maybe because the result was different for each. It is interesting how this goes, since I am an only child my version has to be the right one. Ha Ha another way to always be right. :)

    I also love your background.

    I hope your day is just right.

  6. it is just righty o now after these words emelie...i have 7 sibs and you are right on, every story has a different slant to it when we are all together telling OUR version...and boy the laughs! xo

  7. Hi Wanda,
    Thank you so much!...
    I love this new girl...Her face is exquisite, her eyes, and! the message too...and when I clicked to see her up close, that vine of orange flowers in the lovely, how lucky you are!...and