Friday, May 28, 2010

Miz Katie Abides

i found something soooooooooooooo
special on my front porch, this morning!!!!
i just can hardly believe it
i can hardly believe it...
i hope many days, even one, that my own paintings
will grab someone else's heart as this does mine....
you have captured so much emotion in this painting, katie girl...i am not going to use any words as there are too many and i have a tear....xoxo...thank you friend!


  1. OMGosh!! I completely forgot (for a second) that you bought a print, and I saw the photo and in the world did my painting get on Wanda's porch? heehee Whatta knucklehead!!

    Looks like they did an excellent job printing it, as usual. It almost looks better than the painting. :)

    Thanks so much for posting this, Wan! It made my day.

  2. I can remember putting my hands up to my face like that as a child. She is perhaps holding her eye mask.

    A very touching painting. It makes one look a long time at face, arms, dress and the shadows.