Friday, June 25, 2010

So glad to be Back HOME

i didn't want to announce that we were out of the country...leaving our home and my precious blog now ya' know...we're back and so happy to live here in the usa!
this is not a luxury nor exotic vacation we take each is to get away (yes) but
to see my brother in law, michael, richard's brother who lives in santa catalina, panama.
it is like camping for a week, taking outside ice cold showers, getting in and out of a sandy bed, no matter how you slice it!!!.....but it also means a lot of other exciting adventures occur every single time we is to body surf in a warm clear ocean with barely a soul in site, but for a few random surfers...this just can't happen on the california coast!!!
and then there is Michael...who is a devil may care indiviual, genuine, real, honest, generous and HILARIOUS guy we love and miss!!
for awhile i thought i'd post some art work or hopefully something of interest to some of "YOU"S", that i love that i would also post a pic or two with some of our adventures and sweet happenings that occured while venturing out of our comfortable, spoiled california world!
this is a bed mike made out of wood, we slept above his library and is smack dab in the middle of catalina, close enough to hear the pounding surf and see just about EVERY single person that lives in the village, walking up or down the middle of the road, EVERY single day! :)
opening our eyes each morning to this...

and seeing this coconut tree!!!

looking through one window at mikes' new building
across the road

and this...our friend michele's hostel...we met all the young surfers and servers for her restaurant that stayed here...very fun!

hearing the singing voices of these santa catalina kids, in spanish every morning...

this school was a small driveway away from our bedroom window!

...and smelling Diasolina and Lucy's baked goods...

Diasolina (Kudi) is mike's wife


  1. i LOVE those windows! what a view to wake up to every day. at first, i thought it was stained glass..but when i enlarged it, it looks like there's no glass at all!!! i don't imagine the heating bills are that high there. lol

    and, oh..the bread! i can almost smell it from here. mmm..

    can't wait to read/see more!!

  2. wait..when you say the bed is made of wood, do you mean there was no mattress? just wood beneath your backs? oowww! :D

  3. Oh, so different from our lifestyle here--I would have loved to experience this--glad you had fun!

  4. i was wondering about the bugs getting to ya. ow! and snakes..aren't there really BIG, scary snakes there? but, luckily you did have a mattress or you both would be having trouble walking for a while. heehee

  5. Welcome back!! You have surely been missed. I love the pics of your adventure. Oh the bakery-mmmmm - making me hungry. Glad you enjoyed your trip.

  6. speak of licking the screen
    (w/that last bakery pic)!
    oh my, love the light coming in
    & all that beauty!
    how wonderful it is
    to change our scene
    & also...
    welcome home, dear one!!xo

  7. What a beautiful place,and all that bread looks so yummy,sounds like you had a fun time. glad you're back.

  8. I love this....there is something in me that longs for such a life. I wanted so much to live in a hut in Africa(in my 20's and 30's).

    Thank you for visiting me lead me to you. I see you live near me. And you are an afterschool site director. I went for an interview for the same position here, but didn't get hired.