Sunday, August 29, 2010

Getting prepared for the October Art Walk and the Wine and Food Festival

these little bewitching hangers are all about 31/2" X 5"...
hanging a total of 9" including the beads, buttons and wire.
Whenever i am painting my larger pictures, i always apply the left over paint to something for future use...i had used paint to apply background techniques on the cards.
i cut them into fourths to paint the little witches.

...join me for a brew?

...such an enchanted evening!VERY VERY FUN TO DO!


  1. i AM enchanted!
    i love these so much.
    my heart!
    lovelove them! xox

  2. Yes, these are very fun, and such a great idea. I always mean to do that, but forget!! I'm going to make a point--I just love the organic backgrounds.

  3. All of them are adorable,love the way you finished them off.

  4. Do you participate in the Second Saturday Artwalks in Downtown Sac? We try to go every month...often on our beach cruisers.

  5. Wanda I love your witches!! Ah the season will soon be here, Autumn and halloween and all that inspiration, you got me feeling that way checking out your bewitching characters!

    I have been away up the mountains...and need to get back to some painting, hopefully soon...busy now with get back to school swing, but end of summer days here are glorious so we make the most!

    All the best to you Wanda, enjoy!!

  6. fun, fun, fun I LOVE IT. Those faces are looking mighty sweet.

  7. Hi Wanda, about me and school, it's not me, but my 2 boys, they start up after tomorrow, so what I meant was getting back into the school rythm with's always a busy time, tomorrow is their last day of hols, still they're always around and they have Wednesdays free...but the hols have been great!! If you are working for a school I imagine it will be a busy time for you, so all the best. xx

  8. such a stylish decor for halloween-- so NOT what i'm used to seeing. LOVE what you did!

  9. LOVE every one of them... what more can i even say... AMAZING... i'm in a Halloween mood now...

    (and you're right, Gloria's post left my heart on the floor... I had to go mop myself up.)

  10. I was here the other day, I was short on words so didn't post, some days I can talk and talk other days I am rather mum. I have been in a witchy mood thinking of how to do a witch of charm. Yours are so charming and each has a different expression.
    I am in an orange mood also. Not much time here a daugher is getting married in a few days.
    But I had to blog a little and come and see you again and enjoy the inspiration of the season. I love it that wtiches can be a lot of ways, so it doesn't bother me I am in a witch mood. One can have more than one mood at a time, right?? As always thank you for your visits.

  11. Hi Wanda, Thanks for viditing my blog...I love these witchy pieces..especially the rust colour background...yummy...and the beading too!....xx..julia