Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Random Special Events and Projects to share....

here is my sweet sis, cookie, sporting a piece of neck jewelry i made her...:) xoxo
jessica, far left, our great niece...alyssa and chealsea to her right...they are staying with our up north family this summer, they live down south...jessica lives here near us...we have had so much fun bopping them around the family and the family hangin' together alot more this summer because they are here!

a surprise for them...a whimsical 10" X 10" framed for them to hang in their room!

Latest collage painting for a tremedous friend to give her brother and new sister-in law for a wedding gift...it was so fun to create...

go in close to see the texture and subtle colors!!!


  1. all so beautiful!!
    (please tell me where
    the collage woman got her skirt
    cause i'd love to get one toooo!).

  2. Wanda, I love the painting! And your neck jewelry is awesome too! Beautiful nieces, by the way.
    I just posted about my niece, too--guess we're on the same page! again! lol

  3. i love the middle picture for them to hang in their room!

  4. What beautiful nieces. A lot for me to see in your blog today, that termite hive is a frightening thing. Look how it is banded to the tree.

    Your having a great summer, many things I don't see or do so I find it very interesting. Then to top it off you get some art done and such a gift that can be treasured for years.

    I wonder what exciting thing your doing today?
    I certainly enjoyed my visit and all you had to share.

  5. Hi Wanda I've been away on vacation,trying to catch up on blogging. The necklace you made your sister is Gorgeous. You're so talented and as always your painting made me smile. I love it.

  6. Oh, I love these stick people and their blue sky! It makes me want to make another canvas with my tree and my swing with no one in it. Which doesn't make sense, but I like the half-a-house thing, too.

    A sister named Cookie! Sweet!