Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Labor Day to all...i hope everybody gets to stay home from work and "un-labors"!

imagine that...from a witch to a princess...someone ordered a princess for her friend, and here she is...this is far too much fun..i gotta get back to the drawing la la

she's wearing a lovely dress made of rayon, cotton trim on her bodice, and rayon "foo foo" for the can go in for a closer look for both pictures.


  1. wanda,
    you are on a ROLL!
    a fantastic princess
    & i think i'll meet her for tea
    & not work for a long, long time!

  2. I love, love, love her and her attitude--just loving your faces!!

  3. Love her and love the words. Too cute.

  4. On a roll indeed!! This is FANtastic. Keep rollin' I can't wait to see more!!

  5. buffy and jane, thank you so much. i am writing this here, and hope that you see it, as you both have some other messgs. from me on your blogs, and may never hear another thank you. so another one, THANK YOU, immensely, xo wanda

  6. You really put variety into your work, this has a look of your art but a little different also, isn't that crown so pretty on her pretty face. She has a real spark.

    We have been gone several days and doing a lot of driving from north to south and feeling a little weary, so glad to come to your blog and see this work. I love to come here it is sort of like home.

  7. Thanks a lot for stopping by my"home"...carine

  8. Hello from Iowa! So happy to find your lovely blog! Your work is great! I love how you paint faces! Faces are always such a challenge for me! Have a great day!