Saturday, July 2, 2011

Life Matters call Me...i'll be back when i'm able...

i wish you all, good flying days in july :))


  1. I wish you all that you need in July, things you need for sharing and all the thoughts that prevail. Strength for all the wants that don't get answered and smiles for all that do.
    this maybe has nothing to do with anything in your thoughts right now, but I think of a song that talks about lifes gifts and unanswered prayers are a blessing in this song. It gives me confort.
    Wishing you strong wings.

  2. Wanda, my thoughts are with you and I'll look forward to your return. Take care.

  3. Dear Wanda, take care and keep safe! Thinking of you, being sad and worried a bit, hoping all goes well and you being fine, sending you positive vibes, waiting longingly for your return and your beautiful pictures!
    We say: hakol ihije beseder, ihije tov - everything will be alright, will be good!

  4. gorgeous wing, dear one!!
    take good care of yours
    & happy 4th. xox