Saturday, September 3, 2011


No tangible product need or necessarily is produced from creative effort...

and then a lot of the time it takes a tremendous aMOUNT of discipline to see our efforts in our

own PERSONAL CREATIVE END...and seemingly to me, mixed media opens the door to such wonders!!! we'll have to wait to see where these processes lead or end :) !
piece of old rotting wood, torn from one of my planters

both sides of a 2 X 4...hmmm. we shall soon find out, eh?!

crape myrtle, one of my favorite bushes or trees and...

this one happens to be my favorite of all the reds!!!

make your own watercolors

from your lovely acrylics...

is such fun and awfully PRETTY, just to play in!

This is not the end!


for those that don't, i'd love you to stop by after work and dabble in paint with me!



  1. i love a good mystery!! can't wait to see how it turns out. you must be back to work now, huh? oh, boo!

  2. Wanda, you have made my day with your comment! The last pic is from a reference photo of Kate Winslet. OH! how you flatter me and I am glowing! I also love your rotted wood masterpiece and mingling acrylics--can't wait to see the next step.
    Happy weekend to you my friend.

  3. Paint????
    It looks like ice cream - yummy yummy!
    Happy Sunday dear Wanda! (In spite of all) :-)

  4. Oh heavens it is the 4th already, how can this be, how can always say the same thing about time?

    Rotted wood has an art form of it's own, it can creat shape, and color by just being. It also enhances what we do to it by just being.

    We have an outside woodstove, I see a lot of wood in the process of change and always have to pause at the designs, colors, and feel of it. This outside stove heats the inside, not that heating has been a need this summer.

    Love the paint mingles I hope your having a pleasant time this early Sept.

  5. Hey there Wanda, I came across your blog by way of Clare. I love her work and noticed your comments there so I thought, I'll take a peek.
    So glad I did, it's great meeting you, really like your work and blog.
    Thanks for sharing!!
    Please drop by my blog anytime, let's chat!!
    Happy creating!!

  6. I can't wait to see what you do with that piece of wood! Hurry,lol. I love your flowers that you painted,really beautiful!!

  7. Lovely swishy colours. Mixed media is exciting and I want to do some! Play-time.

  8. °º♥
    º° ✿♥ Olá, amiga!

    Mistura de cores maravilhosa...
    Muito decorativa, um prazer para os olhos.

    º° ✿♥

  9. there is something about old wood, the colours, the texture - mmm and the yummy colours of your paint.

  10. What did you do with the board?!!

    I love that pink. It's fun to water down the acrylics and let them play together!

    I hope you got lots of art done!

    Happy new weekend!

  11. I had to come by and say HI! I have sort of been sluffing along, if I met you on the street and you asked how I was...I would say so busy...You would say Oh doing??
    and I wouldn't be able to tell you.
    I am not ill just busy and sluffing.

    I like your old wood, my husband took apart an old picnic table with very weathered wood and saved me some. I did do a angel on wood early this summer for by the door, I have not posted it, she was not odd enough .

    U see your paint stirs, very stimulating. Have you ever noticed some people can say the word "paint" and it sounds suductive?