Wednesday, December 28, 2011

SO HAPPY TO BE ON VACATION from i can REALLY work...with that brush of mine...

                                                           3 HAPPY MESSES...
                                                    for my brushes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                             she's wrapped in plastic, in these 2 photos
                                                   she is an 8" X 10" with a mat applied...and went into my ETSY!


  1. Well here I am I was on the way down with some laundry, and some art supplies, thinking about some fiber art and some painting art of mixing them, and then I stopped to see if there were emails and then I saw you had a new post of beautiful combinations and texture. That is good however becaue it spured me on a little more to get down stairs to the art room. Feeling a bit sluggish these days, you araen't your making good use of your time.

    Beutiful face, and lovely hair and I agree with what you said one time, here, that the red hair makes the painting just pop.
    Maybe you said it more than once.

  2. ......and she's soooo beautiful!!!

  3. Wonderful paintings!! Happy vacation to you Wanda.