Thursday, January 24, 2013

Teensy Weensy Story

This album has 4 photos and will be available on SkyDrive until 4/24/2013.
This was one piece i had in the sept/oct artwalk. The artwalk was ended and wanda brought all her paintings home. one was missing. this is a chance we take putting our artwork in different establishments. i sign a waiver each time and then say to myself, sie le vie!!!
WELL...i was disappointed at first and just had to chalk it up that someone might want it that much :) About 3 months later, a person in charge of me in the artwalk called and told me there was a check at the store, for the TEENSY EENSY BIRD DAY PAINTING!!!
i was a teensy bit ELATED!
THE's a good one eh?

P.S. if you view this as a slide show, you will be able to see the teensy birds :)
i still don't know what i'm doing with sending photos from email and my email is new as well.
i am learning, i am learning...


  1. great story! the the painting and the slide show - BEAUTIFUL!

  2. You are right! I did see the tiny birds. Congratulations on the sale. They are really cute paintings. Like the story and name as well.

  3. That is a lovely story - disappointment turned to surprise and a sale. I just love the bold way you play with colour and shape and form. Your art work is so uplifting and joyful.

  4. wow!!! amazing art!!! congrats!!!! love all
    thanks for stopping by

  5. Hey! Are your ears burning? I just might be talking about you over at my place. heehee

  6. Woo hoo!! I'm so proud of you, girlie. I knew this one would sell fast!! What did I just tell you about your "little gems"..yup!!

  7. Wanda, this is a great story! And these are lovely snippets of the painting, so I'm going to the slide show now.

    So surprized at how long it's been since I was here, but I haven't been anywhere for so long! I hope your new year is doing well!