Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hanging Basket and the start of a Three Foot Giraffe!

 This is a little hanging basket...
 the fibers were so interesting to crochet and knit with...
there are coconut, bamboo, linen and silk fibers...
then i wove some strips of tea bags in between some layers...
the one that has a little green print you may be able to spy, is stamped with a friendship quote on it!
 when i couldn't find a gift for mother-in-law..
 i pulled this out of my stash, and thought, WHY NOT for HER...
this bag is so special to me and i KNOW she will love it too...
 she FAVORS raspberries, so i beaded on just a sprinkling of red for her to cherish, and will put a little love note inside for her to find and keep!
and this is a portion of my 1 ft. X 3 ft. giraffe that i started last week.
she is almost finished and i am so in love, i may have to do more!


  1. love it! can't wait to see the rest of the giraffe!

  2. I love the hanging basket - and the beaded detail works perfectly. Can't wait to see your giraffe. My mom-in-law was telling us the other day of friend of hers, who live on a game farm with giraffes and how bad tempered they are. I never know that about giraffes, but I;m sure you giraffe will be well mannered.

  3. Love the texture, beads and general look of your giraffe. Can't wait to see.