Saturday, December 14, 2013

All Angel Hangers, tis' the season...

gifted this to one of my cousins...there were three best friends and one died a few months Cheryl is sending this to her friend now...more bittersweet, this is the real world. it makes me so happy to be a part of the gift.
we are all in this together and connected somehow!
Wishing all my friends good times with your friends...


  1. Dearest Wanda,

    Bittersweet indeed is this one beautiful life that we led. And to make art, to gift it to another, it is a high compliment. Somehow, art preserves the memory of the beloved one that has passed.

    Gorgeous art, and thank you for coming to visit me! Anita

  2. I adore all of those lovely words on your gorgeous cards. It makes them so personal and even more special.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  3. Aww..not again with the life stuff, huh? :((( sorry. <3 xo

  4. Good evening, Wanda! Thank you for visiting tonight! Have you seen the moon tonight? I think YOU would be the perfect artist to capture the ethereal moon I see; since we are in very cold weather, there's that aura around it that makes it seem so mysterious. I wish you a divine holiday celebration as you spend time with those you love. Anita

  5. Wanda your work is always so lovely, so great to come by here again and see all you've been doing, your art is a delight!

  6. gorgeous as always, dear wanda!
    merry christmas with LOVE to you

  7. wow,georgus hangers,dear wanda,and your other works on your blog its very beautiful too.
    happy christmas and a happy new year.

    greetings jeannette