Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Michele Wards / Knock Yourself Off / A Third attempt

ew...but then...keep scrolling if ya' dare...
the ol'...added some hair and composition..

She breathes life, thanks to the positive messages

i so surprisingly received. thanks, ladies.

i'm just still not in love with her, that happens.

but she's beginning to speak to me...

and if you look closer, it says on her dress..

"the language they spoke fluently to us was kindness..."

Then at the top is the word kindness and the phrase,

"adopt the pace". thank you again!


  1. kind of you to stop by! Don't know how you found me, but glad you did.
    Thanks for the kind comments - much appreciated.
    I really like your collage - she has a lovely face. Be proud.
    Linda :-)

  2. Oh, yes! I like how this came out.

  3. wanda - i clicked on the image for a closer look and enjoyed seeing all the dimension and texture on this, ecspecially the neck piece. bravo!

  4. Yes, she has a nice 'presence' about her. She is probably a good listener, too-and she seems very wise. YOUdidGOOD!

  5. Ah yes, kindness is so important, and often undervalued. I'm glad she is encouraging you to be kind to yourself and your art :-)

  6. you gave her more "life" and I like this very much.

  7. She looks 10 years younger =)

    Really nice my friend!

  8. regina, thank you for you kind comment. i was unable to leave a comment and unable to email your address from some reason. wanda

  9. You're not loving it? Maybe you will redo it again in the future, and then she will be exactly what you want. I, for one, think she is wonderful just as she is. Well done!

  10. Hello Wanda,

    I must read your earlier post yet, but I really like the face of your girl.

    You say you don't like her and what I like less is the brown colors around her. I think it misses a bit more color ( some greens, some blues on the background for example ) to tie the painting of her face and her dress more together with the background. That's what I think about it... but the woman herself is very nice !

    greetings from Belgium