Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3/4 Face / Excercise and Lesson / Cover Girl Ad

i kept thinking...hmmm...she reminds me of
woke up this morning...looking at this face...
far and away from my usual...i know, i know who this is...
tinkerbell with an attitude...but then...tinkerbell DID
always have attitude...!
i just can't wait till we get directions for painting
these from misty...some will surely be altered...ha!


  1. Wanda! you are awesome!-- I love this one-- you make me laugh too.

  2. Hey Wanda!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today! i love yours!!
    As soon as I saw this piece I thought it was Rihanna!!

  3. oooo... yes, tinkerbell with attitude... that's exactly what she looks like...

    i adore the expression and over the shoulder pose, which just adds to her 'tude :)

  4. Hi Wanda There is a tiny bit of Rockstar there also. it must be the lips. I know nothing about scetching either, I do a small amount. I do draw with the brush but that is just about space mostly
    I feel so fortnate to get something on paper. I cannot journal, you would think I could because I like to fill space. I am practicing tonight and failing but will finish what I started. I feel better when I do. Misty is so free, uninhibited, and of course the work is beautiful.

    I hope your proud of this work you did, I am impressed, I want to know how to do a lot with a little.
    Your having a great time also. This is so good for the brain.

    Emelie, Thanks for coming by, I have had a wierd day that is unsettled for some reason.

  5. i'm with manon. first thought was it's Rihanna.

    class must now be in session, huh? ooooh! i'll be keeping my eyes on your blog.

    and, thank you for saying such lovely things about my haiti girl painting. she's coming along. i think i've got the shirt color better now. it's starting to blend in, and look more natural.

    ooh, and photoshop..if there's anything i can help you with, let me know. i have an old version (ps7), which doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but i may be able to offer some suggestions.

    anytime..anything..really. just let me know how i can help, and i will.

  6. Hi Wanda! Gorgeous work you have going in Misty's class. I still haven't attempted a 3/4 view. Yours is exquisite!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your very kind comments. Now I have yours bookmarked. Isn't this class fun!