Sunday, September 26, 2010

Country Life!!!

Now, they have eaten down our strawberries, blackberries...they just love our rosebuds...and then there's the prettiest flowers we have....annnd, groundcover, so that the weeds are taking over soooooo....
after breakfast you HAVE to hit the road!!
and the very GALL, this is right out the front door and porch!
i know i know...mama and her BAMBI'S are sooo cute!
oh! and their bellies are full of all our tomato's but for the "2" i snatched up in time!!

no no, not our strawberries!

you better keep running!and wanda is OVER THE MOON i just won a little encaustic painting from beth over at: just in case you've never seen her work!!! xoxoxo


  1. They are cute,but that would make me mad too. We have a racoon that comes around our house,we can't put our trash outside until right before the trashman comes or that racoon will make a huge mess. He's cute but annoying.

  2. oh how i can relate to this....i won't be canning any beans this year they all went to these wonderful creatures....ugh....we are plannig a fence around the garden next season... have a great sunday

  3. That photo is stunning!! But I can understand your frustration. We have tons of wild bunnies here that eat our garden. The population gets worse every year.

    I found some recipes you can try..don't know if you've gone this route yet.

    Hope it helps.

  4. hi won my drawing over at tangled sky studio and i need your address! congrats and thanks for sharing your dreams : )


  5. WOW! Great photos, thank you for sharing, I understand you are mad, but . . . they are SO cute!

  6. Wanda honey
    You are just too funny
    (Hey I can rhyme too :)

  7. Thank for sharing that cute photos.
    Than I look for your other art works and I'm excited! Certainly I come back to visit with more time!
    Hugs Anja from germany