Friday, March 21, 2014

40 FACES...

 THANK YOU Sharon Tomlinson...
I decided with ease to stop at 40...
 I will continue to learn more and more about portraits,
(my first painting love)
 this was a study (ALL OF THEM) that brought multiple gifts...
to name a few:
lighting on the piece
a mood
perfect imperfections
happy accidents
searching the masters
searching for new ideas
color color color...
and loving black and white
 those last notations barely skim the surface as to the wealth of information I found doing these...
as you can see there are two on the drawing board.
my hat goes off to all participants in this education as well as to others that go the extra miles!
 I sent this into Cloth Paper Scissors,
about a year ago.
it is a postcard suggestion they prompted...
it had to have something original that you painted and paper and cloth.
the magazine said, YOU WILL NOT GET THIS BACK...
we may or may not use all the entries in later issues and your
piece might show up in an ad..
this is one of those life lessons...
not such a deep or horrible one...but wanda wishes she wouldn't have given it away...
my heart must not have been ready to let her go...
so I share her with you, and read her words...
IF we could all gather round and create in the presence of one another...
oh what  gift!
i wish you were here


  1. Good evening dear friend! I just got home from work to see that you visited, but I would have seen you later on on my blog roll as you just posted anew! BRAVO!

    I love what you are showing here about the two possibilities of color and/or black and white. Here at the Walker Art Center, there is an exhibit on an artist whose name I can't recall, but the displays show the process from black and white to color. As a teacher, I am also intrigued by the process of learning. PROCESS is the word here. I've always been focused in my art to search for an end result, but recently, thanks to poetry writing, have discovered that the process is just as important as the finished product. Isn't that like life itself?

    Your work is rich in textures and wouldn't it be great to focus on looking to see if those textures and strokes, color and lack thereof can tell us a little about the artists' process?

    I will be "multi-tasking" this weekend. I will be writing some poetry for my poetry group on Tuesday and also working on an art contribution for a traveling journal! Perhaps I will share it. I am in the process of making another blog where I will share little things I am doing...I'll let you know when I get it done!

    Wishing you a fantastic weekend! Anita

  2.'re all finished? I can't say as a blame you for wanting to stop early. It must have been torture on your eyes, painting that small!! Yikes! I will miss seeing the cute little buggers, tho. :)

    I'm glad you're sharing Wish You Were Here with us again..or maybe it's for the first time? I can see why you'd regret letting it go. Did you ever see it in an issue or ad, I wonder? hm..

  3. so lovely to see your art~
    sorry to hear that you will not get your original back.
    publications that don't return usually ask for prints of the original.

    wishing you fun creating new pieces!

  4. Great Job Wanda! Forty is a lot and I have enjoyed seeing all on yours. I love that you shared along the way the impact that the project had/was having on you. I'm continuing. But I have to say I have looked at my board several time and ask myself if I stopped now, wouldn't it still be OK with little squares of paper that are holding the spot for a face. It seems that each little square has a word or two that seems good enough without a face....but no, I am going to try to get to 100. For me, it was to get me to the art desk. That is still relevant. Thank you for jumping in and on this project. You made is so special.

  5. Good morning my dear friend, Wanda Miller! It sure is fun to open up my blog page and see your enthusiastic and lively French I'd say you are "VIVE" (alive, bright, vivacious!)

    Oh the stories we could all tell about how we bring out the pensive gems in our students. Whether we are teaching them art, theatre, language, math, science, if we TEACH THEM THE PROCESS and that it is good, I hope that in doing so, we are helping form a positive way to think. As a result, I'd like to think we are helping form creative minds for any line of study or work in this world. Bravo to you for inspiring your charges, and my goal too is to bring the "bigger picture" to mind as I teach my students French. "THINK" and "WATCH" where your process takes you and what it does to you. Does it make you stronger? Does it give you more good ideas in order to build goodness around you?"

    Is that your current email on the last image? If so, I'd like to email you an image of what I'm working on....don't get too excited, it's not all that great, but I'd love to share it with you.


  6. GOOD MORNING WANDA! I just woke up, and now have to get to school! I will be away for most of the day, but thank you SO much for coming back to verify your email! And your papa was full-blooded français? OH LÀ! This is good!

    Fabulous. I now have your email and we shall correspond. I will be back later tonight or by tomorrow. Have a super day! Anita

  7. Wandalina - I was not much in contact with you (aaaaaah, sorry!!!! - life provides stupid reasons sometimes), BUT I followed your journey with a smile and a loving heart! I cherish ALL your faces!
    HUGS! :-)

  8. Helloooooo Wanda! I immensely enjoyed ALL of your faces! Especially the first one in the last post. I can't seem to stick with anything as consistently as this. You go girl! xo